Acting Lessons “BSP”

“Be cheeky. Be wild. Be wonderful.” (Pippi Longstocking)

With our “Broadway Stage Program” we want to conquer together with you the wonderful world of acting! We have 12 months to make you fit for our great musical! What exactly does this mean?

The first 6 months are a kind of basic training during which we are developing the most essential elements of acting:

improvisation, expressiveness, bodywork, speech training and, above all – having fun acting! The stage belongs to you, you should feel comfortable, this is exactly where you belong. We have plenty of time to experiment, to be brave and crazy, and to burst all limits.

We will find your own rhythm, your role profile, conduct staged interviews and we will reveal your whole emotional spectrum. Suddenly, you can speak every single language in the world without any accent and, in tears, make your teacher believe the reason why your hamster has gorged your homework. 

Together with our youngsters we invent noises and movements never heard and seen before, frolic around the room just to quick-freeze and assume a tight posture, and we will dress up with everything our wardrobe is providing.

For older people we occasionally offer training on special topics such as:

  • “Interview training – who am I and what am I doing here?”
  • “Camera acting – less is more”
  • “Casting – how do I prepare myself and what the hell shall I put on”

Despite all pushing and promoting, pleasure and personal development will always have top priority! Our big musical casting is the perfect occasion to inaugurate the second half of the year! Who plays which role, who sings which song, and who is allowed to dance the solo?

Now, our concrete task is to shape the respective artist’s role. We fill our characters with life and emotions, and we learn to act confidently out of the role in any situation. Monologue and dialogue training, playing in an ensemble, which are the best methods to learn your lines by heart and to spank nervousness, now becomes part of our schedule.

While the appropriate costumes are being selected or tinkered and stitched, several rehearsals and the final rehearsals await you.

The goal of our „Broadway Stage Program“ is that you get enabled to perform your role in a relaxed manner at the performance evening, and that you can really enjoy your time on the boards that mean the world!

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