Bass Lessons

It is above all the bassist whose deep frequencies lay the acoustic foundation of his band. No other musician determines the groove and the tempo as decisively as he does. Bassists make use of three playing techniques, which means that they can pluck the strings with their fingers, use a pick to strike the strings or use their thumb for slapping, a popular technique in funk music. An electronic bass might have four up to seven strings, and special models might have up to twelve strings that are continuously tuned to fourths. As with the guitar and double bass, the electronic bass is a transposing instrument, which means that its notes are being notated one octave higher than the bass sounds. At the Music Academy you have the choice between electronic bass or double bass instruction.


Facts about Bass Lessons at the [MA]:

Starting age: Children from age 6
Age groups: Children, adolescents, adults, best agers

Standard lesson:

3 x 30 minutes one-to-one and 1 x 60 minutes group lessons (per month)
Extended: Ensemble lessons, study preparation
Basic learning content: Body alignment, striking techniques, timing, tone formation, finger technique, phrasing
Styles: Rock, pop, funk, soul, gospel, jazz, classic, metal
Instrument on hire available: No
Hiring fee: -
Instrument purchase: Yes, from € 179.-
[MA] Shop, in stock: Yes
Trial lesson: Free
Waiting time: No

Available at following locations

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