Dance & Performance „BSP"

“The dance of the wild hears begins” (Dance of the Vampires)

Allow yourselves a time-out and get enchanted by the fascinating world of dancing! You already carry the key to this artistic world. You don’t believe this? Of course it is, still hidden in your own body!

While dancing you can leave your cares behind and allow your body to speak. Love, sadness, euphoria, happiness – let all out what moves you. You will be excited and feel free.

“1, 2, 3, 4" – during the first months, we will hot up the rhythm in your blood. Sometimes the rhythm can be fast, sometimes it can be slow, setting the pace for joining together our bodies and music. Our goal is that you get carried away with music without losing rhythm.

You will learn better awareness of your body. The music plays, and suddenly your body take on a life on its own: your head starts nodding, your feet start moving, and finally you begin to swing your hips. Discover new aspects of your body! Practice makes the master and strengthens your self-confidence. Melt together with your body, and get to know your body!

While dancing it is important to perceive your environment. Only a big stage provides you enough space and almost endless freedom; within a bigger group it is important not to beset or disturb the person next to you in his or her artistic freedom. You will get to know both forms.

Dancing comprises many styles of dancing. You will gain an insight into many different styles of dancing. Each style has its own fragrance, so let yourself be fragranced.

When the foundations are laid it is time to begin the arrangements for our musical performance. You will learn to identify yourself with your role. It is as if putting on a mask and slipping into the body of another person.

Here – closely connected with the play – your capability of expression comes into play. Just now, are you dancing out of joy? Or rather out of rage? Or even out of love? You can reflect everything you feel in your movements. The aim is to capture your audience. Each of you is surrounded by his own extraordinary magic. “5,6,7,8” – and get started! Get the unique opportunity to perform on stage, and make the stage your own world!

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