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Kids Program / Early Musical Education

Our Kids Program is the [MA]’s programme for children from 2 to 6 years. Here, children together with other peers find the access to the vast world of music. Basic characteristics of music such as melody, harmony and rhythm run like a guiding thread through our playful lessons. These characteristics provoke not only musical, but in particular the integral advancement of children.

During early musical education at the Music Academy, the whole range of childrens’ receptiveness is being promoted.

In addition to sensory training, training of the locomotor system and speech apparatus as well as the deepening of the innate feeling for rhythm, the Kids Program acts as impetus for children to try out different musical techniques. Movement games, songs and dances further the natural musicality of children and their imitative instinct, while creative moments such as painting and crafting provide necessary breaks and deepen conveyed learning content.

In close cooperation with our teachers, social skills are gained within the group, which are a key enabler for the future attendance of a primary school. Another significant component of our lessons is the experiencing, experimenting and deepening of experiences with different instruments. The reworking of musical subject matters at home involves the parents in the learning process of their children.

The end of our early musical education is simultaneously the beginning of an early musical education at the [MA]. During early education already, our teachers try to find out in which instrument a child takes a special interest. Such instrument can be learned immediately following our early education in “normal” one-to-one lessons.

Our early musical education takes place weekly in small groups with a maximum of 8 to 10 children so that the instructor can respond to the unique needs of each child in a meaningful and targeted manner. The weekly teaching time involves 45 minutes.

To those who like to get to know us we offer a free and non-binding trial lesson allowing you and your child to gain a first impression of the Music Academy, its teachers and the quality of our service offering. We offer 3 successive years of courses, while getting started is possible at the beginning of each school semester.


Facts about Early Musical Education at the [MA]:

Starting age: Children from age 2
Age groups: Children till age 6
Standard lesson: 4 x 45 minutes group lessons (per month)
Basic learning content: Enjoyment of music, rhythmics, movement, sound, melody, harmony, sheet music
Group size: 8-10 children
Course beginning: Beginning of the year, after the summer holidays
Trial lesson: Free
Waiting time: Possible, early booking is recommended

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