Within an orchestra, the flute is largely used as a melodic instrument, and regarding its range, sound and technical possibilities, it is one of the most agile instruments, as it allows creating fast tone sequences and very high notes. Unlike other instruments, such tones are easier to manage.

However, when playing the flute, full attention is required. Embouchure, support, momentum and blowing angle need to harmonise perfectly to sound the proper tones.

Today, the flute is a significant solo and orchestral instrument and is more and more frequently used in jazz and rock music, too. 

Flute lessons at the [MA] systematically promote your musical potential and pave your way for joining a classical ensemble or a modern rock band.


Facts about Flute Lessons at the [MA]:

Starting age: Children from age 6
Age groups: Children, adolescents, adults, best agers

Standard lesson:

3 x 30 minutes one-to-one and 1 x 60 minutes group lessons (per month)
Extended: Ensemble lessons, study preparation
Basic learning content:  
Styles: Rock, pop, jazz, classic
Instrument on hire available: No
Hiring fee: -
Instrument purchase: Yes, from € 299.- (Roy Benson)
[MA] Shop, in stock: No
Trial lesson: Free
Waiting time: No

Available at following locations

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