Trombone Lessons

The trombone is the only brass instrument being played without any valves. It is equipped with a pull that can be pulled out to change the sounds smoothly. The deep brass instrument generates sound through lip vibrations.

Thanks to its narrow scaling, the generated sounds are harder and deeper. However, the instrumentalist himself influences the sound character through the air pressure he blows into his Instrument.

The pitch is determined by the tension of his lips. With a lot of practice, the melody of the trombone will maintain its assertive form. 

During the classes at the [MA], you will be prepared specifically for playing in a rock, pop, funk or jazz ensemble. Here, you become an important member of a band’s wind section, or you assume the role as a soloist.


Facts about Trombone Lessons at the [MA]:

Starting age: Children from age 6
Age groups: Children, adolescents, adults, best agers

Standard lesson:

3 x 30 minutes one-to-one and 1 x 60 minutes group lessons (per month)
Extended: Ensemble lessons, study preparation
Basic learning content: Breathing, body alignment, tone formation, lip, intonation, interpretation, phrasing
Styles: Rock, pop, funk, jazz, classic
Instrument on hire available: No
Hiring fee: -
Instrument purchase: Yes, from € 549.- (Roy Benson)
[MA] Shop, in stock: No
Trial lesson: Free
Waiting time: No

Available at following locations

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