Vocal Lessons "BSP"

“Singing is the true first language of all human beings” (Yehudi Menuhin)

Anyone can sing! It has been even scientifically proven that singing makes happy. Here we go!

During our vocal lessons you will become more familiar with your instrument voice. In the first half of the year, your voice discovery begins with first sounds and ends with completely compiled songs.

How can I sing high notes with a sense of ease and without squeezing? How do I strike the right notes and how can I hold them? What is my individual sound? How do I breathe properly? What is my voice able to perform and how big is my vocal range?

Together, we will approach these fascinating questions by means of specially developed exercises. The aim here is to guarantee the healthy use of your voice. Singing should be simple and not be experienced as a workout in a muscle factory. We will teach you the technical tricks of how to sing easily and effortlessly straight from your soul. Of course, you will not miss out any fun either. We will rock your cells with hot and catchy tunes!

Our teachers playfully teach the smaller kids groups to find their way to their own voice. Cheerful, artistic nursery rhymes and simple canons are part of the schedule. By means of many exciting sing stories kids learn to use their voice naturally without any effort. When we are going to explore our dense sound forest, all kids are thrilled.

In the second half of the year we take a closer look at your instrument voice. Which colour potential does your voice hide and how can you give your audience the famous goose flesh? As in the field of drama, we want to make your voice more expressive and emotive. Our objective is clearly defined: captivating and moving people by having fun singing!

This will be topped off by creating polyphonic pieces. Singing within a group is a different experience for body and ear than solo singing. During the final development stage of our musical, every kid will get the chance to take on a small solo part of the respective song. Small audition situations familiar to you from television are being replayed and trained. Get rid of the lump in your throat when auditioning!

Our „Broadway Stage Program“ is aiming to optimally prepare you for your big vocal performance by strengthening your self-confidence, developing a powerful voice and conveying a lot of fun.

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