Workshop Jazz Improvisation
with David Margaryan

Wann: 09. Dezember 2017 - 16. Dezember 2017
[MA] Music Academy Frankfurt




In this workshop David Margaryan will take you on a journey to find out and explore how to “speak the jazz language”. All instruments and vocalists welcome!

Together with David you will identify the most common chord scales and the type of harmony they relate to including major, minor and dominant 7. When a new tune is put in front of you at a session or a rehearsal, there isn’t time to take the music home and spend an hour or two working out the correct scales.So, improvisers must be able to quickly recall chord scales and be able to play around on the fluently.

You will also discuss and practice how the improviser develops melodic themes in a solo. The most common techniques for telling musical story is by using a traditional concept called theme and variation. That is, you introduce a theme – a musical phrase – then repeat it, making variations on it to develop an interesting storyline. A good solo is like an explanation or a good story and you will work on telling some together.

***David Margaryan is one of the most experienced and talented pianists and composers in the Rhein-Main area. He has a masters degree in Jazz-Performance from the „Université de Montréal" and has been playing and teaching around the world and in and around Frankfurt for many years.***

Level: Beginner and Intermediate Levels, all Instruments and Vocals

The workshop will be held in English. It will take place on two consecutive Saturdays in December, with module 2 building on module 1.

Dates: 9. December from 09:00-13:00 (module 1) and 16. December from 09:00-13:00h (module 2).

Location: [MA] Music Academy Frankfurt, Poststr. 2-4, 60321 Frankfurt

Cost: €70 per person and module; €120 when booking both modules; we offer €10 discout to [MA] students

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